PCX Provides Superior Customer Service

I had a difficult time setting up access to our company server and e-mail accounts on my laptop, iPhone, and iPad. PCX was able to quickly solve my problems which dramatically reduced my downtime. Based on my experience in the past in other companies with IT departments in house or remotely I would have expected days of being disconnected while the problem was solved. They were professional, polite, thorough, and just nice (a rare commodity so easily overlooked these days). It was a great experience and a shining example of, what I am constantly trying to get the representatives I have the good fortune to manage and lead to provide; SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. My organization is currently reviewing its options to expand our IT capabilities and sources for such. I can assure you that my input has been influenced by my encounter with PCX and specifically Sean. As managers and directors we often forget the fact that, we as an organization are successful, our corporate image, and that client loyalty, is the results of the efforts of the people that do the work every day and directly interact with our clients. Clients don
Mark A. Wingert
Hurst Texas

Excellent knowledge & customer service

I would have to rate PCX as HIGH overall in customer service and knowledge. I recently had a complete melt down on my computer when my hard drive crashed. Sean had me back up and running in less than 2 days from the time I called until the time I was keying in again. I lost no data; PCX was prompt, extremely knowledgeable, and great to work with. We receive our fair share of crummy customer service but never from PCX. I have and will continue to recommend them to other companies and most importantly, friends.
Earl McReynolds III
Hurst, Texas

PCX does great work!

PCX has supported our network for a number of years and I have always found them to be extremely knowledgeable, very easy to work with and quick to respond to issues. Sean and the rest of the PCX support team are always ready to jump on problems as soon as they surface. They often know when we
Jim Bowyer
Southlake, TX

PCX has service that cannot be matched

PCX goes above and beyond to meet our IT needs. Every ticket we enter is answered in a timely and efficient manner. They understand what a priority is to our business and bend over backwards to meet our needs. I would like to personally thank Sean for doing just that this week to get our connectivity back on track. His teamwork, exemplary attitude and knowledge are a HUGE attribute to PCX. Thanks so much to all the staff that work so hard to make us successful.
Amy Fleshman
Wolf Hollow, Granbury TX

Great Job Getting Our E Mail Server Back Up

I just wanted to express our appreciation to the PCX support team for getting our down Exchange E-mail server back up and running again so quickly and especially to Quentin for his knowledge, and professionalism demonstrated in restoring our service.
Gregg Pusser
Arlington, Texas

PCX Goes Above and Beyond

With their quick responses and ability to complete tasks in the most efficient manner possible, PCX has always been there for our IT support needs. Sean and the rest of the PCX team consistently go above and beyond our expectations and often with last minute notice.
Jim Schrader
Neptune Underwater Services

Having PCX as our IT provider lets me focus on our business

What I like most about PCX is the promptness of the services, plus Ken's suggestions on how to make our lives easier in the ever changing IT world. I think one of the biggest benefits of working with PCX is the fact that I spend less of my time trying to hurry up and learn about how to fix something I know very little or nothing about. Not only has this service helped the efficiency of the business, but it has allowed me to spend my work time in other ways.
Dorenda Lohmer
Universal Systems

Marketing Coordinator

I had the pleasure of working with Stephen Perkins yesterday. He helped me access my computer at work remotely. I appreciate his patience and diligence in helping me. He worked well into late evening and I am thankful for all the input and help I got. It really was very much appreciated.

Jenna Bierut
United States
Fort Worth

PCX responds quickly

The quick response and assistance I have gotten from PCX has been wonderful! It has been very easy working with PCX for any issues that come up. They respond very quickly and address all of our issues.

Debbie Mason
Crème de la Crème

PCX gets things done!

They do IT right and they do IT right the first time! In working with PCX Technologies for more than six years now, they have always been an absolute pleasure to work with and they are a very professional organization. For our clients, comedy clubs all over the country, the computers and the network are a vital part of the business. PCX has always been able to resolve problems quickly, maintain our systems and keep costs and issues at a minimum. PCX Absolute IT deals with problems pro-actively and in real-time which has been a tremendous asset to our clubs and keeps our systems running 24 X 7. I wish that all of the clubs would sign up for PCX Absolute IT as we see a noticeable difference between the clubs that have it and the clubs that don't. Once Absolute IT is in place, it is an all encompassing service that just takes care of everything. It is a vital component in keeping everything working which is obviously, very important to us.
Richard Bergfeld
Symfonee Corporation

PCX has a Can-Do Attitude...

They can handle the IT needs of small and medium sized businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies like ours! Our network infrastructure is critical to provide real-time support to our clients and PCX ensures that our network is secure and available at all times. When we give PCX any task or project on our network we just consider it done we know that it will be taken care to our satisfaction and we don't have to worry about it. With PCX maintaining our network, quite simply "It's all just working!" and that's the best compliment that any IT service provider can get. I personally have worked with PCX for 7 years now and I will continue to. PCX is highly recommendable to other business owners because they always understand what your technology needs are and they make recommendations to suite your specific needs. Ron Benjamin, Director of Information Technology, Fiserv-MortgageServ
Ron Benjamin

Neptune US for PCX

Mike Hale with Neptune Underwater Services speaking about PCX outsourced IT Services.

Mike Hale


PCX is invaluable

What I like most about PCX is the quality of the service provided, and the attention to detail when an opportunity occurs. Recommendations by PCX are made to us based on budgetary constraints, and a common sense approach in determining what we need, not by what the supplier wants us to have. One of the biggest benefits from PCX is that we are usually on top of Information Technology advances and attempt to stay current in all upgrades and changes to our respective programs. PCX is invaluable in keeping LEI where it is technologically.
Gary Sohn
Leightner Electronics

PCX provides solutions, not just support.

Just wanted to take a minute to tell you how grateful I am to PCX and to Sean Heinz specifically for your services. Any time I have a problem, I am able to contact you and get support quickly. And not just support, but quick IT solutions! Great customer service and obviously very skilled at quickly solving IT problems. Thank you!

Shea Williford
Southwest Networks

PCX has been our partner

PCX has led us through the minefield of research, installation, implementation and support for more projects than I can count. Often, we had no idea what we needed; we just knew what the end result needed to be. PCX has been our partner in all of those endeavors; they have been the expertise and the driving force behind the successful outcome in every case.

Cynthia A. O'Keefe

PCX delivers on what they promise

The new server and office relocation went great. Thank you so much for your hard work, knowledge of our needs, working within our budget and working with our schedule. I cannot tell you what a relief it is to work with such knowledgeable people who actually do what they say.
Lena Boyer
Ratcliff Construction

PCX doesn't tell us what we want to hear.

They tell us what we need to hear! PCX and Absolute IT deliver pro-active tech support to our business that has enabled us to do business in a much more effective and profitable manner. They have made my job easier to do as I am able to focus less on fixing broken computers and I'm able to focus more on growing our business. PCX's pro-active method of supporting our network has given us much increased up-time, better customer service, better medicine to our patients and a much more enjoyable workplace for our employees. Our business is dependent on our IT infrastructure being up and running. We could not support such a widely distributed network without PCX Technologies. I would highly recommend PCX Technologies and all of their services. PCX has helped us to grow our business more than we had planned.
Ari Oberman
LifeSpan Medicine

Since PCX took over our IT support, things are fantastic!

Before PCX we had an internal IT guy but it didn’t work out very well for us, it was more expensive and we did not really have a solid IT department. Since PCX took over our IT, things are fantastic, our schools don’t have to worry about our systems going down, we are able to operate much more efficiently, and I’m able to focus on the strategic growth of the company. I would absolutely recommend PCX to any size business 100% every time!

Dr. Pete Lungo


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