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How to decide to go to the "Cloud"

The most important question to ask yourselves is: Do I have a compelling business case?

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.Whenever I meet with potential clients and the subject of disaster recovery solutions comes up, I hear the immediate comments of: “Oh, I have that. We back up every day.”  It is fascinating how many small business owners are under the impression that backing up their data equates to disaster recovery. I wholeheartedly agree that backing up is absolutely essential as you need to be able to recover your data should anything happen, however, the difference between having a disaster recovery solution in place and having a back-up solution only can mean the survival or failure of a small business after a disaster has struck.

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The “Cloud” – What is it? What is it good for?

It seems every time you open a newspaper or a news website there is another reference to the “Cloud”. Everyone in the marketing industry seems to be touting “Cloud” Computing as the future.  Here is the thing though; the term has different meanings to different people.

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What is Virtualization and why it is important to small and medium business?

Virtualization is a buzz word that has been around for a decade and is being used in all types of information technology circles. While the marketing buzz word Cloud Computing would have never come to the forefront without the development of virtualization technologies, it is clear that many small and medium business owners are confused as to the benefits of virtualization for their business. In this blog I will concentrate on server virtualization as it is the most important in small and medium sized enterprises.

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Type-C the future of USB

When the rumors of USB Type-C began to circle around tech conventions last year, they seemed almost too good to be true. Finally a fully reversible USB connector with transfer speeds of up to 10GBps was going to replace the nearly two-decade-old USB connector that we have all grown accustomed to.
If yesterday’s presentation at CES 2015 was indication, it is true and it is a good thing. The new connector (Shown Below) is not only fully reversible, it also features some benefits to meet the needs of the modern device user. USB Type-C is capable of delivering power of nearly 100 Watts. This type of power delivery could mean the end of conventional chargers for laptop, as we know them.
While there is a lot of promise behind a new USB form factor, implementing it and phasing out the old USB standard may take several years, and could possibly prove too difficult of a task to overcome, as nearly 90% of all peripherals on the market today feature the current USB connector. There are other competitors in the peripheral market now, such as Apple and Intel’s Thunderbolt connectors which also present a competition in this space that wasn’t there when the first USB devices came out. Thunderbolt 2 devices reach speeds up to 20GBps bi-directional, and the connectors have begun to steadily make their way into the PC market over the past few years.
The first Type-C devices are expected to hit the market next month, the Nokia N1 tablet. MSI will follow suit in March with a gaming notebook and motherboard featuring the new connection.

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